Tanzanian Attending West Point Visits the Y for a Week

West Point sophomore Eraldo Cosmas John, 22, was supposed to be in South Korea last week with West Point's Tae Kwon Do team. 

But when South Korean President Park Geun-hye was impeached last week and protests broke out, West Point cancelled the team  trip.
Instead, Eraldo, who is honored to be the first and only resident from the country of Tanzania to attend a military academy in the United States, headed to Tarrytown to wait out the impending storm with friends. Since physical fitness is a major focus of West Point life, Eraldo, who majors in defense strategic studies, is preparing for an upcoming Army Physical Fitness Test by working out as a visiting member at the Tarrytown YMCA. 

In late March, Eraldo and the West Point team will head to the Karate Nationals in New Mexico. In early April, he and the team head to the Tae Kwan Do Nationals in San Diego.  The Y is happy to host Eraldo and help him get ready.