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The Family YMCA at Tarrytown features a state of the art Fitness Center, complete with computerized cardiovascular equipment (Star Trac) and strength training circuit (Cybex). Our newly renovated Strength Training Center offers a variety of strength machines and free weights designed to accommodate the most challenging of strength training programs. A fitness orientation is recommended before using either the Fitness Center or Strength Training Center. The Fitness Center is often reserved for members and guests 15 years and older, whereas the Strength Training Center is ONLY for members and guests aged 15 years and older, no exceptions.

Pre-Teen Fitness - Ages 13–14 yrs: Pre-teens are welcome and encouraged to come to the Y to get/stay fit in the Fitness Center. All pre-teens must take a fitness orientation prior to using the Fitness Center. Adult supervision is required after orientation.

To schedule an orientation or for further information on any of our fitness programs including Group Exercise Classes and Personal Training please call Diane McCarthy, Health & Fitness Coordinator 914.631.4807, ext. 109 or by emailGroup exercise class schedule is on the Schedules page of this website.

Pilates Reformer* equipment includes a frame, headrest, foot bar and sliding platform with springs that glide back and forth on rollers. This apparatus allows the body to perform exercises while standing, sitting or lying down. Regular use of Reformer will improve flexibility, strength, and muscular endurance.  Let's Talk Pilates Reformer at the Y.

*There are Fees associated with Pilates Reformer sessions; contact  Diane McCarthy, Health & Fitness Coordinator (914) 631-4807, ext. 109.for more information.

Group Exercise Program: The YMCA has a wide variety of group exercise classes to meet our members’ needs, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. All classes are taught by knowledgeable and certified instructors and are designed to be safe, fun and effective. Most group exercise classes are FREE.  For the latest Group Exercise class schedule, refer to the Schedules page of this website or visit the Member Service Desk. 


Advanced Step:  An advanced step class with complex moves and intensive energy.  Many combinations in a one hour class. For the advanced stepper only.

Aerobic Kickboxing: A high impact class with choreography and music using martial arts in a safe and effective way.  For all fitness levels.

AOA:  A low impact Active Older Adult class focusing on strengthening different muscle groups.  For all fitness levels.

BOSU: (BOSU = BOth Sides Up) A body conditioning class that gives a total body workout using both sides of a half-domed platform.

Cardio Jam:  A low impact cardiovascular class that is gentle on the joints while increasing the heart rate.  For all fitness levels.

Cardio Sculpt: A little bit of step aerobics with a lot of strength training using many different muscle groups.  For moderate to advanced fitness levels.

Kettlebells: An active, strength training and intense cardio class, Kettlebells (weights with handles) give you an optimum workout using full extensions and ranges of motion.

Pilates Mat I & II: Using the core muscle group, this class will help increase flexibility and strength.  

Pilates Mat w/ Props: A brand new, advanced Mat Pilates class that uses foam roller, rings, theraballs, and bands to maximize your workout and further increase strength and flexibility.

Pilates Reformer: A fee-based class.  See description above.

Silver Sneakers : A Trademark class taught by a certified Silver Sneakers instructor who will work on muscle groups addressing strength, flexibility, endurance, speed and power.

Soft Stretch: A 40 minute class that involves light stretching that will help to inprove circulation and flexibility.

Spinning: A heart pumping class with stationary bikes and motivating music using changes in resistance to feel like a real bike course. For all fitness levels.

Tae Kwon Do: A traditional martial arts class with a certified martial arts instructor who will teach all aspects of the sport including form and safety. For all fitness levels.

TRX Suspension Training: a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Created by the Navy Seals, Suspension Training
enables you to safely perform exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.
Like all our group exercise classes, this cutting edge class is offered at no extra charge to Y members.

Hatha Yoga: A class that will focus on relaxing your body and mind and rejuvenates the spirit. For all fitness levels.

Vinyasa Yoga:  A series of poses that flow together in connection with the breath.  A vigorous workout for more advanced Yoga participants.

Y – Pump:    A new class that uses a body bar and plates (weights) and motivating music.  Provides a "weight room" feel to a classroom workout.

Zumba:  Combination dance and exercise that includes many different Latin Dance moves. Instructor cues with body movement rather than verbal cues.  
For all levels.

Group Personal Training: *There is a Fee for this offering.* Join with a friend(s) for special fitness training. Choose a certified Personal Trainer
or certified Master Personal Trainer. (Please refer to Personal Training section above, or contact Member Service Desk for pricing.)

Specialty Senior Programming: A variety of interesting, fun and health-oriented programs designed to enhance your life, teach new skills, and promote a sense of well being. All Specialty Group Exercise Classes are Free for Members. We offer Active Older Adult Strength Training and Active Older Adult Lite-Pace Aerobics. Aerobics also offered at the following locations and times: Tarrytown Senior Center, Tarrytown: Thursday, 11:15 a.m.

**Silver Sneakers** The Silver Sneakers Program is a great way for seniors to stay in shape, increase energy and feel good. If you have Silver Sneakers through your health insurance (Oxford, Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield eligible), you may qualify for a free membership to the Family YMCA at Tarrytown through the Silver Sneakers Program. A certified Silver Sneaker instructor leads each class. For more information, contact Sandra Wingate, Member Service Manager (914) 631-4807 ext 113.

Personal Training offers one-on-one fitness advice and training to clients who seek a program tailored to their specific needs. Trainers will evaluate client’s physical fitness, design an exercise routine and track progress. Sessions run on hourly basis; clients may schedule as many sessions as they desire.

Small Group Training enables two to three clients to work with a Trainer at one time, to increase fun and decrease cost! Trainer will build a program to fit the small group’s collective needs, yet each group member will use a range of fitness equipment matching their own personal fitness goals. Sessions run on hourly basis; group may schedule as many sessions as they desire.

Group Exercise class schedule is on the Schedules page of this website.

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