Y Dance Academy at Main Street

Y DANCE ACADEMY (YDA) provides excellence in dance education, accessible to all.

Excellence in dance education:

The Y Dance Academy faculty holds extensive teaching, performing, and academic credentials.  Free placement classes, regular progress reports, and individual faculty/student mentoring are all part of a Y Dance Academy education for children, teens, and adult dancers.

Accessible to all:

The Y Dance Academy is centrally located, culturally accessible, and charges tuition on a sliding scale according to need—because we believe that all children and adults should have the opportunity for a dance education.  All class schedules are located on the Schedules page on this website, or you can visit the Y Dance Academy website at http://ydance.weebly.com/class-schedules.html.


Y Dance Academy Summer Dance Intensives:  develop technique and artistry in a fun, nurturing and creative environment during our summer dance intensive programs for ages 5-18, levels beginner to advanced.  Please contact the YDA office or visit their website http://ydance.weebly.com/summer-intensives.html for details and registration information:  914-631-4807 x114.  Rachel Pritzlaff and Jessica Goldberg, Co-Directors.

YDA Program Highlights include:

  • Early childhood classes beginning at 12 months of age for children with a caregiver. Our early childhood classes engage the imagination of young dancers, introduce group participation skills and explore the pleasure of movement to music.
  • A rigorous, progressive pre-professional training program beginning at age 7 - 8 that forms the core curriculum of the program. By the time of graduation from the Y Dance Academy at age 18, students are dancing at a level that allows a smooth transition into professional conservatory training programs, university dance programs, and professional apprentice programs.
  • An adult dance program that is unmatched in the quality, depth and variety of offerings and opportunities. Advanced dancers are able to continue their development as individual artists in our graduated classes that include ballet, jazz, and modern dance; those trying dance for the first time will find classes specifically designed to nurture their development.
  • Recreational dance classes that invite students—including complete beginners to dance class—to explore introductory classes in ballet, jazz and modern dance as well as such ever-changing offerings as tap, hip hop, and dance composition.
  • An annual student dance festival that teaches the art of performance: beginning with 8-10 weeks of rehearsals in addition to—rather than part of—dance classes so that students’ physical training is not interrupted; continuing through a full week of rehearsals in the theatre introducing students to performance elements such as staging, sound and lighting; and culminating in a professional production.Summer Dance Intensives for ages 5 - 18. Develop technique and artistry in a fun, nurturing and creative environment!  The Y Dance Academy offers week-long summer intensives each Summer. 
  • Summer Dance Intensives for ages 5 - 18. Develop technique and artistry in a fun, nurturing and creative environment!  The Y Dance Academy offers week-long summer intensives each Summer..

    Y Dance Academy Performing Groups:
    • YDA Teen Ensemble
    • YDA Youth Ensemble
    • YDA Ballet Repertory Company
    • YDA Modern Lab Workshop
    • YDA Adult Jazz Ensemble
    • YDA Adult Ballet Ensemble
    • YDA Tap Workshop

Attendance and Make Ups
Students who miss class may make-up class within the semester that the class was missed. Contact the YDA Office to schedule make-ups. 

Class/Studio Etiquette
The Y Dance Academy stresses and nurtures the development of proper dancers' etiquette in each of its students:  respect for the art form, the faculty, and for fellow students; a welcoming attitude towards every other student, especially those new to the program; willingness to help others learn, and to accept others' help; and a commitment to diligence and discipline in class.

Students are encouraged to arrive at least 5 minutes before class, dressed and ready to participate.  Students arriving more than 5 minutes after the start of class must have the instructor’s permission to join the class, in order to prevent injuries caused by inadequate warm-up.  At the discretion of the instructor, latecomers may be asked to observe, rather than participate in, class. If a student arrives more than 15 minutes after class, the student is to first report to the Y Dance Academy office.

Faculty biographies can be found at http://ydance.weebly.com/directors--faculty.html.

 Office Hours:

Monday: 10 - 2pm; 3:30 - 6:30pm
Tuesday: 11 - 4pm
Wednesday: 9 - 12pm; 1:30 - 4:30pm
Thursday: 2 - 6pm
Friday: 12 - 5pm
Saturday: 9 - 12pm
*hours are subject to change, please contact the office for drop-ins

For information on the Y Dance Academy, including class schedules, faculty bios, financial assistance, and performing opportunities, please visit http://ydance.weebly.com/, email us at ydance@ymcatarrytown.org or call the YDA office at 914.631.4807 x. 114.

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