Childcare - Y Early Learning Center

 Y EARLY LEARNING CENTER for Infants through Preschool 

We are excited to announce that the Family YMCA at Tarrytown's Early Learning Center will be moving to its permanent home in Summer 2023 at the Tarrytown Station Center. This new space will offer a bright, brand-new childcare center with convenient access to the Tarrytown Metro North Station and ample parking. The Y ELC will be accessible to many who love to walk from both Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow.  

In the interim, we are temporarily located in Sleepy Hollow NY at  Holy Cross Hall (130 Beekman Avenue) for infants and toddlers.  The Y Early Learning Center offers a warm nurturing environment with flexible scheduling and dedicated, loving staff.

Please contact Mary Saad at Childcare Director (infants through preschool). 

The Y Early Learning Center is designed to provide stimulating early learning experiences, including academic, cognitive, fine and gross motor, physical fitness, social and emotional development. The center operates from 7:30 AM – 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday, September through August. Our center consists of full-time classrooms for infants, toddlers, and preschool students.  

For additional information about Y ELC programs and registration, call 914-631.4807.  As with all our programs, Financial Aid is available for free and reduced lunch recipients, and for other income-qualified individuals.  


Y Childcare

Infants 6 weeks - 18 months
4:1   Child to Staff Ratio
We provide a caring and nurturing environment for infants.  Floor play, tummy time, story time, music appreciation, finger play and arts & crafts are all part of your child’s experience.  Our goals for the children are to help them reach all of their major developmental milestones like sitting up, rolling over, crawling, and walking.  

Toddlers 19 months - 36 months

5:1   Child to Staff Ratio
During the toddler stage, a child learns a great deal about social roles, develops motor skills, and first starts to actively use language to express themselves.  At the Y we provide an accepting environment that allows children to grow and experience each one of these stages.  Each day follows a predictable schedule that includes indoor & outdoor play, circle time, music   appreciation, story time, hands on art and weekly dance and swim lessons.  Teachers facilitate sharing and positive communication among the children by teaching and modeling acceptable behaviors. 

Preschool 3 -5 Years

-Threes,7:1 Child to Staff Ratio
Our preschool "Threes" program emphasizes learning by doing - by touching, observing, moving, creating, pretending and interacting with others.  We combine a wide array of activities that help build fine and gross motor skills, which serve as a strong foundation for all future learning and are fun and age appropriate. The schedule offers security and familiarity while remaining flexible. Each day includes indoor/outdoor play, circle time, music, story time, art, science, math, weekly dance and swim lessons.  
-Fours 8:1 Child to Staff Ratio  Our preschool "Fours" program is designed to have children prepared for and excited about entering Kindergarten in the fall.  The program focuses on Literacy:  beginning sight words and phonetic awareness; Math: patterning and parallel correspondence; Science: exploration, and Community Awareness.  Children have fun while working on fine and gross motor activities like writing, cutting, running, hopping and more. A preschooler’s day includes, indoor/outdoor play, circle time, music, story time, art and weekly dance and swim lessons.